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Melodie and the designers at Kudzu gave me the confidence to move forward with my project.

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The KUDZU story

About Melodie Church

I often have many questions for you, as a client, about your family and background. So I think it’s only fair to share some of my own story.

I was born, Melodie Fern Presley, on September 7, 1957. I was raised in the Eastern part of Catoosa County, commonly known as Keith. It was, and is, a small community.

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If you are unsure where to begin, we can develop a plan that prioritizes projects to meet your goals and budget.

How we work

Who is my designer?

Kudzu Interiors is a full service interior design firm. Rest assured that both of our designers are qualified and experienced. Both will be working closely with you on your project from beginning to end. Melodie Church has 30 years of experience and is the president and creative director of Kudzu Interiors. Melodie wants to make sure that you are working with a team whom you trust and feel comfortable with, and most important, that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project.

Do you work with other trade professionals?

We work in harmony with architects, general contractors and landscape designers, among others. This collaboration, which is called the “design/build process” is a very cost effective way to create your “dream project”. We encourage you to meet with us and consider this process before committing designs and ideas to paper.

Do you do remodeling?

Yes. While we are not contractors, we utilize our long-term relationship with the best contractors, craftsmen and artisans in our area. We can remodel a bathroom, update or totally rebuild a kitchen, add a fireplace, even add a room. Projects can be as simple as replacing flooring; it’s all up to you.

How long does the design process take?

The initial research and development phase varies according to the complexity of the job; however, in most cases we will present a preliminary presentation in three weeks. A preliminary presentation is a meeting where we present our design concept, basic drawings, color scheme, key fabrics, furnishings, and initial budget to make sure we are all on the same page.

The final design phase is presented as soon as you have made your decision. This will include all the working drawings, tear sheets of all the furnishings, memos of all the fabrics and the final budget which will have all the costs, item by item, on everything you need to complete your dream project.

How involved in the process do I need to be?

You may be involved as little or as much as you like. We enjoy and encourage your participation.

How does purchasing work?

Your completed design project includes a detailed budget. You choose what pieces you want to order, and then we create a proposal that details those items and prices.

After you approve and sign the proposal and return it with your payment, we will order your selection and provide you with delivery time-lines. The purchase of contracting services (installation of tile, cabinets, lighting, etc.) works the same way.

What will your services cost?

Our design fee is based on the square footage of your project, the scope of work involved and the location of your project. This fee represents a reasonable assessment of the time, materials and resources it will take to professionally complete your job, and it assures you that Kudzu Interiors will complete your project on time and on budget.

The scope of work and our design fee is defined and detailed in a document called a Letter of Agreement, which spells out the agreement between you and Kudzu Interiors.

How do we get started?

A face to face meeting is the best way for us to get to know each other. In our first meeting, we’ll want to listen to your ideas and look at any architectural drawings, blueprints or photos you may have. We really want to know your hopes and dreams for this design project. This meeting can happen at our office or in your home.


We are thankful for each and every one of our clients.  Kudzu Interiors strives to make sure that each client’s experience with us is a positive one and our goal is to make sure they are completely satisfied with the end result.

Melodie and the designers at Kudzu gave me the confidence to move forward with my project. Melodie validated some of my ideas and gave me better ideas when I needed them. She always made me feel that my kitchen was the best, most fun project out there! I had a lot of ideas on my own, but was not sure of some of the details. My project was limited remodel, so we had to work with a lot of existing features. Melodie was a creative problem solver. She turned some funky features into show stoppers! I was fun to watch Melodie and be part of the creative process. Melodie offered ideas that I never would have thought of. She has an eye for high-end design and was familiar with the latest features and finishes. I learned that I should trust my designer! Each time she challenged my thinking, she turned out to be right. Her choices were amazing and right on target. She guided me to look for custom, handmade, artisan pieces, to make my kitchen unique. I can’t wait to work on other projects in my home. Melodie and her staff will be my choice for future design projects. I highly recommend Kudzu Interiors.    

East Ridge Residence

The results Melodie created in our guest bedroom were better than expected. Melodie confidently moved forward when my lack of confidence might have caused delays Melodie took a look at the materials I had collected, listened to my explanation of what I had in mind and executed a much better designed end result that I would have been able to produce. I later wished that I had sought her advice earlier in the process BEFORE any purchases had been made. I have probably wasted more money trying to do my own interior design (with less satisfying results) than I would have spent had I called on Melodie earlier. Money spend on the advice of a talented designer is truly a wise investment. A few words about Melodie and the Kudzu staff: Talented; conscientious; savvy; simultaneously imaginative and creative while also practical and realistic; definitely NOT flaky in terms of pushing the edge of what’s new; can interprets classis elegance into new looks without sacrificing practicality; flexible yet confident enough to achieve something better than you expected.    

Hixson Residence

We hired Melodie during an emotionally volatile time of rebuilding after a tornado. She came in with a fresh perspective and new ideas. We needed to meet certain business requirements for accessibility visibility and comfort. She left us with a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment beyond our expectations. During the rebuild, she incorporated specific request for color theme easily and dealt promptly with any contractor issues. It took a lot of stress off of us. Melodie is a talented designer who exhibits tremendous professionalism with a caring, compassionate nature. We loved working with her and we highly recommend her and her staff!    

Ringgold Car Dealership

Our home was destroyed in the tornado of April 27, 2011 along with all our belongings. When we made the decision to buy a new home and not rebuild, I needed help making decisions. I knew Melodie could be trusted with making some these decisions and help me to get started. I had no idea where to begin and she made my life easier. She immediately measured for blinds so that we would have privacy before moving in… We worked together to select colors and fabric selections. I ordered my sofas from Kudzu and could not be happier. Melodie made a furniture plan that has helped in making other purchases that would be in scale and proportion to my space.    

Cheorkee Valley Residence

Our final product was professional and tailored unlike a do-it-yourself project. The designer look and quality has added value to our home. Working with Melodie at Kudzu was not just a pleasure, but fun! The final look was exactly what we hoped for. Designers have ideas you may have never considered. This improves your project and can save both time and money in the long run.  

Rocky Face Residence

Before walking into Kudzu Interiors, I had consulted decorators to come and help me with ideas. I was glad when Melodie showed up and looked at my space, my style, and took my answers on the questionnaire. Melodie, as a designer, stretched me into colors that I would like and loved it. Melodie made suggestions that reflected my style, unlike decorators. Melodie made suggestions and I was able to build on them… and in the case of draperies in the dining room, she came up with a solution to my idea. Voila, paisley panels (without rods) that repeat the tree trunks outside the window!    

Cohutta Residence

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