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Design is In My Blood

Ben StonefamilyI have been designing as far back as I can remember.  After my childhood of designing pinestraw houses and cornstalk huts, I moved on to my teenage bedroom.  It was decorated in gold, black, and red, including Hoda lights (look it up) and shag carpet (which is all the rage now, by the way).  I spent hours moving furniture around in the house, painting rooms, and hanging wallpaper.  Thank you Mom, for letting me put black, red, and silver foiled paper in the kitchen!

I didn’t know there was such a thing as interior designers until I went to college.  I thought I wanted to major in fashion merchandising, until I had to take a clothing construction class.  My assigned roommate in the dorm (Sleazy Veazy, it was called) was an interior design major.  As soon as I saw her projects I knew that was what I was called to do!

My grandfather, Ben Stone, had a hardware in Ringgold for most of my growing up years.  I slept under the counter on the paper bags most Saturday mornings.  It was a true family business.  Everyone that worked there was family.  Even the few who didn’t bleed Stone blood were considered family.  I loved the hardware!  I loved (and still love) looking at screws, bolts, wire, chain, and paint.  There seemed to be an infinite number of sizes of nails and screws, and also an infinite number of things you could build with them!

Recently, on a trip to the market, I noticed an interesting trend.  Many showrooms displayed unconventional salvaged items as art.  Old cameras, piano keys, typewriters, and even a vintage yardstickbicycle had been disassembled and the parts artistically arranged and framed.  “Recycle, reuse, re-purpose” took on a fresh perspective.  Over the past couple of months I’ve been excited to look at some of my own collected junk as “art”.

A friend from church ran me down one Wednesday night to give me something he had saved from his grandmother’s house that was being razed.  It was a yardstick from Ben Stone Hardware.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it!

My next project will be to re-invent my father’s Korean War uniform into a work of art.  What do you have that could be art?  Weathered books?  Family board games?  Your own Hoda collection?